Biracial World Domination Set to Begin

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Hello my friends,

I stand before you today, humbled by your trust and the responsibility you have entrusted my with.  I will not take this lightly; I will not fail where others have, I will not fall victim to their ploys and tricker.  I WILL lead us to victory.  To mixed-race victory, to multiracial victory — and to above all Biracial World Domination.

It has been years since the first seeds of our campaign we laid.  Years of living in their world – with their rules – but I can tell you, that time is about to end.

We, the mixed, stand ready to fight.  To rid the world of these single-race/single-etnicity foes.  To finally take our place atop the ladder as kings, queens and rulers of this world.

I spoke with brother Obama – the first biracial President of the United States – but first an foremost, one of our most decorated operatives, and he has assured me that there will be no resistance.

The time is now my friends.  Start gearing up, and wait for further instructions.  In the coming weeks, or mixed-media campaign will kick into full force.  Your instructions will arrive shortly after, and finally, after all this time, we can begin the inevitable:  Biracial World Domination!

Oprah’s half sister


  1. Robert says:

    White people don’t care if you’re “mixed” you’re still a nigger.

  2. I truly find this is a great interesting subject. Never looked over this subject in this manner. If you are going to write some more articles about this subject, I definitely will be back soon!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good luck!

  4. randy hoyle says:

    I would like to send you a copy of my book forpossible review. It is supportive of people pf mixed race. It’s called the BALLAD OF DRED SCOTT. It’s bben used to teach at two universities. It is historical fiction.-Randy

  5. Karla says:

    So, did we win?

  6. Rick says:

    Everything about mixed race and, biracial is dictated by white men. But, then, it wouldn”t be white supremacy if whites identified themselves as mixed race or, biracial.

  7. bowdin deese says:

    looking for as many bi racial groups to join…

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